Black Lives Data

by medafOracle

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The movement is clear/ but why is that not the movement is here?/ lives are being lost yet we worry about losing to peers/ getting money and spending it on shoes and new gear/ we’re given air so worry about who’d interfere
Those cops….You don’t deserve the respect/ you were hired to serve and protect/ life’s on the line that’s why I wrote this fuckin verse in vest/ so STOP!....or end up in hearse in a sec (it goes) POP!!
This system was never made to protect us/ blatantly stress us/ investors payin to oppress us/ from womb to grave they don’t even lay us in stretchers/ covered in red on concrete like we were playin in Ketchup
The way of America, citizens abide/ but in our eyes this is an enterprise to conduct legal genocide/ speak truth and get criticized/ or get a job in Minnesota just to die next to your girlfriend in her ride
The feel of pride to fill a void but they feel its void/ they still annoyed by our skin color yellin, “KILL THIS BOY!/ they feel its chore/ but its sin and more to get in court after murder and end up still employed
Are they out for the Gold or the Sterling? Ask Alton/….wait…you cant cuz he’s in a coffin/ im in the heat of the moment like I cant breath from exhaustion/ like Eric Garner being choked, wheezing and coughin
Defense or offense? You choose/ while you’re at it peep the new views on an uploaded phone vid to Youtube/ of another black male dead, lyin like the news do/……another mother cryin what would you do?
No guess/ the oppressed race unarmed with no vest/ left holier than thou with no chest/ grotesque scene leads to means of a protest/ go check the tv as Fox screams for mo’ press
mo’ shootings, mo’ killings, mo’ death/ mo’ lootin, mo’ sinning, mo’ stress/
so yes, we die in habitat/ by the hands of cops and those guns we write in our battle raps/matter fact/ we’re hypocrites cuz when we kill our own we act like we don’t know where the crime for black on black data’s at
…sadly in alley ways from Main to Cali/we shed a tear without the gas at the rallies/ …..sonless in the valley of the sun but in a valley full of guns there’s even less daddies
but who cares, lets cop theses Cadi’s and Porche’s/ and chase more power than Bugatti got horses/ smash hoes and become dead beat daddies and force em/ to strip so some CEO will be gladly endorse em
screwed up priorities/ we just invite fuck shit cordially/ while black lives matter movement is viewed morbidly/ black on black crime ends in death too so you should dress accordingly
youre boring me with the all lives matters shit/ then you wanna get mad and call my dad a bitch/ online when all that matter is/ the death poll of blacks when that online data hits


released August 22, 2016
Written by Chas (medafOracle) Wright
Produced by Paul Cabbin



all rights reserved


medafOracle Arizona

medafORACLE is an emcee's emcee residing in Phoenix, AZ. Nourished on Hip Hop he lives and breaths it daily and it shows in every song he writes and records. Known for his witty punch lines and trickery word play, he mixes this into songs containing substance and content. This is what separates him from other emcees. ... more


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