by medafOracle

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this track is self explanatory....listen and enjoy!


Verse One
I shoulda been first fuck last… yo, fuck your last/ to nicely put it I’m the present so fuck your past…..
….yeah I pursued what you sold/ but pursuing your soul got unusually old/ I fold. Usually I’m so patient but you take this whole past relationship blues to a whole new level/ you devil you knew that I’d pursue heavy/ …and I did cuz I thought that you’s ready/ wrong! I was like the foot on a new Chevy’s gas pedal/ floored it, mash forward/ but you wasn’t trying to hear me like muffled beats that aint have treble like..”my nigga fast forward”

But…Ima fool cuz I still feel you though/ love at first sight when we met. Hope you feel me though/…yeah I still feel you though/ and Ima still try to bag it even if it kills me yo
Nah..she don’t hear me though….she..she don’t. she don’t..she don’t hear me though. Nah, I aint scared. She don’t hear me though/ she say she love my music so Ima speak to her via stereo

Verse Two
Back on my raw shit and y'all don’t like it/ you ratchets are dog shit and I don’t buy it/ peddling relationship dreams like they biking/ and I was falling like in flip flops while I’m hiking….
Gosh damn you a bad chick/ you got faggots thinking “Ima try to bag it”/ so…let’s get it “straight” then/ you better relate when I tell you my heart was fully taken…….the night we met it’s like we set the star’s alignment/ and I can bet the light we set will cause a riot
Niggas mad cuz we shining on them/ hatred on their face is opposite of Nemo cuz you can find it on them

Verse Three
Baby girl turn your speakers loud/ and listen to me when I speak a loud to ya…do ya do this to every man that you come across?/ lead them on until they start flipping like summersaults?/ assault in the summer on my heart/ but it’s over and its Fall like I did from the start..
Shit, you had me at hello/ but it was over before it started, shit you had me at the door like…”nigga keep it movin go and exit, bro/ sexing? No, so you aint staying for breakfast yo”
Bu it wasn’t bout smashing/ I was just feeling your soul and your vibe in case you was asking…


released October 4, 2013
Lyrics written and performed by medafORACLE. Production by Family Biz Ent.



all rights reserved


medafOracle Arizona

medafORACLE is an emcee's emcee residing in Phoenix, AZ. Nourished on Hip Hop he lives and breaths it daily and it shows in every song he writes and records. Known for his witty punch lines and trickery word play, he mixes this into songs containing substance and content. This is what separates him from other emcees. ... more


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