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by medafOracle

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I did it for the likes......


No one is sick as me at art/ pick a beat and ill pick the beat apart/ ….sink his teeth in art/ im tryin to eat I will rip this meat apart/ sick emcee/ witness me blitz and rip your fleet apart
Peace….peace I don’t stand for it/ on beats fuck your piece of the pie I got a hand for it/ too fly for the strip so I don’t land on it/ freeze time when I rhyme and cause planets to stand dormant
Orbit ended/ ill strike with no warning sent and form a sentence more sickening then watching a toddler abort an infant/ …im sorta different/ youre known for poor decisions/ while I do the impossible like cut a rug when the floor is missing
……ironic you don’t support religion/ yet praise me on mic so technically you were born a Christian/ rap God, I charge Jesus door admission/ when I perform so yall better find a way to afford to listen/ my schemes are Christ and the universe into coalition/ my flow is sickening and colder than when a corpse has stiffened and rigo mortis kicks in/ youre a bore to listen/……how are you a bitch but your daughter isn’t?
Im the Lord of rippin mics my shit is raw and sickening/ its not a game so don’t bother tryin to put a quarter in it/ paint picture with words and distort a vision/ spit it with more anger than a pimp on corner when his whore is missing
this is a shmorgace board or lyrics/ border, pillage/ corpses building/killin all sorts of children and women when recording writtens/ im Lord's appretice/ all your recorded shit is boring it just sounds unfinished like houses when doors are missing more than spittin/ i keep bars in my head im a lyrical horroder bitches/ this is horror, kickin rhymes that make yo look like an ass like a mute tryin to defend himself in court when his lawyers’ missin
...........bars nigga/ i stomp rappers out like glass at barmitzfa/ this that real shit/ ....I'll cop a beat and treat it like an unarmed black male and KILL IT.....
… up, write something/ I was bored I did this strictly for the like bottom/ narcissism at its finest, you right I don’t like nothing/ I don’t understand you faggot niggas like you mic cuffin
Im like something you’ve never seen/ if I had a seed he’s be fire, I spawn flame like I was fuckin in kerosene/ caroling rappers im gifted, Christmas with peddlind raps, smackin tracks when im grippin this metal thing
…….Fuck filler bars/ ill fill a bar with a porche after I steal the car and drive into the establishment spittin killer bars/ sober as fuck askin where bitches are
Where the hoes at?/ I flow holding my bozack/ Lil Yahti so wack/ im captain obvious but when i bring the flow back/ gay rappers left on a mountain with a broke back
You. Bars. None/ im bar none a barbarian, run when the bars come/ Ill finish it when you start some’n/ and blow the spot up worst then the death of a star son


released August 19, 2016
Written by Chas (medafOracle) Wright
Production by Paul Cabbin



all rights reserved


medafOracle Arizona

medafORACLE is an emcee's emcee residing in Phoenix, AZ. Nourished on Hip Hop he lives and breaths it daily and it shows in every song he writes and records. Known for his witty punch lines and trickery word play, he mixes this into songs containing substance and content. This is what separates him from other emcees. ... more


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