by medafOracle

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This track is a reminder of how we've forgotten about music. Psychologically we are so numbers driven that we base the sound quality on units moved. Our musical standards have lowered and we need to raise them back to what they use to be......we gotta raise our standards...


I remember the first time I heard Nas spit/……gosh damn, yo…I was like ah shit/ raw with a calm spit/ shit I barely had hair up under my arm pits
But I knew what I was witnessing was greatness/ ….he instantly made the A list/ a discipline crisp flow with patience/ this was before digital created playlists
I heard him and my brain just exploded/…and I say this devoted to the music, cuz my standards were high then/…still is. I hear a dope line I rewind it/ but good music has changed and its hard to find it/ …we watch tell-lie-vision blinded….And listen to the radio def as shit/ don’t even hear a dope jams when its def as shit….
shouts to def jam/ ….shouts to souls of mischief on the west and….Outkast in the dirty/ I feel like an outcast in my 30’s.....
Cuz when I was 15/ we never really saw rappers on the big screen/ that’s cuz they were devoted to their craft/ if I told you 3 stacks would become an actor you would laugh….but….
Shit happens/ the quality of music made him wanna quit rapping/ our love and passion for it, we need to get back and half these wick, wack rappers need to sit back and just listen…..its sad our standards lessened/ the shit was so much higher as an adolescent/ .. .At 15 music actually had a message/ and the love artist had actually hadn’t left it…but….
Shit has changed tho/…its like we searching for a rainbow and that rainbow got gold at the end of it/ with Wu Syndicate kicking it handing out gold coins while they’re spitting shit
But all we getting is a pot of bronze/…no rainbow, and niggas rapping bout their audermars/ you must be out of mind if you think the shit died/ what happened is consumers really letting shit slide….
So im speakin to consumers/ music lovers from New Mexico to the Bermudas/ we gotta raise our standards, let them know that they will lose us if they don’t increase the quality of music…..(repeat twice)
We gotta raise our standards…. (repeat)


released July 29, 2013
All lyrics written and performed by medafORALCE ( ). Production by Paul Cabbin



all rights reserved


medafOracle Arizona

medafORACLE is an emcee's emcee residing in Phoenix, AZ. Nourished on Hip Hop he lives and breaths it daily and it shows in every song he writes and records. Known for his witty punch lines and trickery word play, he mixes this into songs containing substance and content. This is what separates him from other emcees. ... more


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